Avocado Slices Polymer Clay Sprinkles



The Perfect Garnish for Your Creative Feast! Get ready to add a delectable twist to your crafting recipes with the delightful Avocado Slices Polymer Clay Sprinkles! These miniature green wonders, ranging from 3 to 5mm in size, are here to elevate your projects to a whole new level of cuteness and charm.

Bring the irresistible appeal of avocados to your creations with these meticulously crafted polymer clay sprinkles. From adorable avocado-themed earrings to quirky charms and playful accessories, these sprinkles will take your designs to the next level. Their small size makes them perfect for adding intricate details or creating eye-catching patterns that will captivate anyone who lays eyes on your creations.

It’s time to feast on creativity! Order your Avocado Slices Polymer Clay Sprinkles today and get ready to indulge in a crafting experience that’s nothing short of delicious. Add a slice of avocado-inspired magic to your projects and let your imagination run wild!

Try them with shaker molds!!


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