Large Kawaii Cauldron Polymer Clay Sprinkles



Stir Up Some Magical Fun! Get ready to brew up a cauldron of cuteness with our Kawaii Cauldron Polymer Clay Sprinkles! These large 10mm sprinkles are here to add a dash of enchantment and whimsy to your crafting creations. Transform your projects into a magical wonderland with these meticulously crafted cauldron-shaped polymer clay sprinkles. 

Crafting with these Kawaii Cauldron Sprinkles is like casting a spell of cuteness. Whether you’re designing jewelry, decorating phone cases, embellishing keychains, or creating adorable figurines, these 10mm sprinkles are the perfect ingredient for adding an extra dose of magic.

From whimsical fairy gardens to delightful Halloween-themed crafts, these Kawaii Cauldron Polymer Clay Sprinkles will ignite your imagination and transport you to a world of endless creativity!

Try them in shaker molds!!

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