Metallic Orchid, Magenta & Purple Chunky Glitter Mix



Metallic Orchid will give you all the vibrant color from our Orchid line of glitter, without the holographic effect

Magenta Purple Metallic Chunky Hex Glitter mix, holographic chucky sequins for resin tumblers and nail art

Comes in various sizes for your project needs. Polyester glitter is solvent resistant and uv resistant.

Perfect for body art, tumbler making, resin crafts, etc.

All glitter is packaged in resealable bags and measured by weight.

Want a sample? Ask us!
We understand that different screens produce different colorants. We have no problem including a sample of this glitter with any order 😁.

Need bigger quantities? Let us know.
We’re happy to comply to any special requests!

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